What's in your camera bag?

A Nikon D3100 and four lenses, the 18-55mm, the 35mm 1.8, the 50mm 1.8 and the 55-200mm. My camera is called Jeeves and he is ridiculously handsome and yes, I have named all of my lenses.

Are you British?

Yes and no. I was born in England, so technically yes. But my family and I moved to New Zealand when I was one, so, I see myself as a true-blue Kiwi. I lived in NZ for 14 years, and it was glorious. Repeat after me: New Zealand is glorious.

Why did you start blogging?

It started out like any other blog that any other person would start. It soon became more than that though, as my readers started coming from all over the world. It became a place where I could share about my God and photography. It's a place where I can have conversations with lots of you at once. And you guys are so much fun to have conversations with!  

How old are you?

Ever get that moment when you're taken back to preschool days? I just had that moment.
I'm 20 going on 200.

How did you get into photography?

I like having something to remember moments by. I just like simple images that tell a story, that help you remember an inside joke, a shared look or a ridiculous expression. Photography can help you get all those moments, I guess that's why I love it so much!

Where do you live?

Oh, in a mud shack with no electricity, no running water and no hope.
Joking, kids, joking. I live in sunny old England and I have done for 5 years now. It's....cold.

How did you learn to design your blog? Or did someone else do it? Would you design my blog?

Yes, I designed my blog! I learnt a lot from my big bro: he is a nerd amongst nerds and he knows heaps about coding. So I bug him a lot. Other than that, I find out stuff on my own and I just trust my gizzard. Yes, I do design other people's blogs/websites! If you want a new look for your blog and you're interested in my style of designing, then flick me an email and I'll send you the info/prices :)

Words that you use that are different to American words?

I say Gumboots or Gummies instead of Wellingtons

I say daft instead of stupid.

I say milo instead of hot chocolate.

I say chelsea scrolls instead chelsea buns.

I say yea-yea-nah-nah instead of yeah, sort of.

have a question you wanna see on here? I'm totally cool with that. email me at tyblogdesign[at]gmail[dot]com